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Computational Tools and Environments:

  • Principal Investigator
    • Everyday Learning research group, Media Lab Europe (MLE):
      • Moving Minds bases for representing sensed human movements, Martin, K., Strohecker, C., 2003-2004
      • Polymorphic Letters multimodal writing system, Taylor, A., Foley-Fisher, Z., Strohecker, C., 2002-2004
      • TexTales public fora with photos and SMS texts, Ananny, M., Strohecker, C., Biddick, K., Donovan, B., Rasmussen, J., 2002-2004
      • Smoke Rings portable sensing device and simulator, Foley-Fisher, Z., Rasmussen, J., Karau, M., Strohecker, C., 2002-2005
      • Amble Time map with a "sense of time," Donovan, B., Lewis, S., Strohecker, C., 2002-2004
      • Citizen Journalism metadata camera, Ananny, M., Lewis, S., Strohecker, C., 2002-2003
      • Digital Seed PDA-based toy with graphics and flow sensor, Cherubini, M., Rasmussen, J., Strohecker, C.; Gash, H. McCloughlin, T. (St. Patrick's College, Dublin City University); Lometti, A. (California State University, Chico); 2002
      • Biosphera ecosystems microworld, Cherubini, M., Winters, N., Strohecker, C.; Mikhak, B. (MIT Media Lab); Gash, H. (St. Patrick's College, Dublin City University); 2001-2003
      • Dimensional Reading electronically augmented book, Gomez, H., Strohecker, C., O'Modhrain, S., Wood, A., 2002-2003
      • Electro Jewels Ananny, M., Donovan, B., Karau, M., Strohecker, C.; Dekoli, M., Sylvan, E. (MIT Media Lab); Eric Fraad et al. (The Ark); 2002
      • Dino Stable RF (radio frequency tags) and software construction kit, Strohecker, C., Boydell, O., Jacobus, E., Karau, M., Donovan, B., Gomez, H., J. Wang, A. J., 2001-2003
      • Birdcase sensor-based audio installation, Donovan, B., Karau, M., Strohecker, C.; Ranft, R., (British Library); 2001-2002
      • Wait Lifter public transit monitor, Donovan, B., Karau, M., Strohecker, C., 2001-2002
  • Project Leader
    • MERL - Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories:
      • Zyklodeon construction kit for experimenting with cyclic timing relationships, Strohecker, C., Slaughter, A. H., Horvath, M. A., Henrikson, J., Kwok, J. C-L., Gonzalez, D. P., Ait-Laoussine, N., Witzgall, B., Appleton, N. J., 1999-2000
      • Kit4Kits framework for construction kits, Slaughter, A. H., and Strohecker, C., 1999-2000
      • WayMaker construction kit for making maps, Strohecker, C., Barros, B., Slaughter, A. H., Gilman, D., Back, M., and Greenstadt, R., 1996-2000
      • Tired of Giving In interactive narrative, Strohecker, C., Brooks, K. M.; Friedlander, L. (Stanford University); 1995-1997.
      • Bones construction kit for experimenting with balance, Strohecker, C., Abernathy, W., Greenstadt, R., Gonzalez, D. P., Witzgall, B., Appleton, N. J., Gilman, D., Shiple, J.; AARCO medical illustrators; 1993-2000
  • Collaborator
    • Nature Trailer location-sensitive guide and stories, Donovan, B., Strohecker, C. (MLE Everyday Learning); Wood, A., Davenport, G. (MLE Story Networks); 2002-2005
    • AnimMagix construction kit for experimenting with emergent social dynamics, Ackermann, E., Strohecker, C., Agarwala, A., Slaughter, A., and Gilman, D. (MERL), 1998
    • PatternMagix construction kit for experimenting with geometric symmetry, Ackermann, E., Strohecker, C., Agarwala, A. (MERL), 1997-2000
    • Experience Journals narrative tool for online communities, Bromley, D., Strohecker, C., Marks, J., Ackermann, Gibson, S., Shen, C. (MERL); Gonzalez-Heydrich, J., DeMaso, D. R., Karlin, J., E., Erickson, J. D., Grimes, V. P. (The Children's Hospital, Boston); Umaschi, M., Brooks, K. M. (MIT Media Lab); 1997-1999
    • Desktop software interfaces, Sun Microsystems, 1990-1991
    • Interpreting Satellite Imagery with SWIS interactive video explanation program, National Weather Service and The Analytic Sciences Corporation, 1988
    • Authoring system tutorials, interactive video implementations, Learncom Division, Sandy Corporation, 1985-1986
  • Creator, Producer, Developer

Videos and Video Aspects of Interactive Programs and Other Projects:

Learning and Research Environments and Designs:

  • Initiator, Designer, Collaborator
    • Cyrkus - physical, material, and conceptual learning about motion, Strohecker, C. (MLE Everyday Learning / Strohecker Associates), 2003-present
    • Scientific Studio - virtual and material supports for learning about balance and topology, Strohecker, C. (Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories); Eisenberg, M. (Univ.CO-Boulder); Brand, M. (MIT Media Lab); Smith, D. (Museum of Science, Boston); 1995-1999
  • Principal Investigator
    • Everyday Learning - technology-supported intergenerational, intercultural constructivity, Strohecker, C., Donovan, B., Cherubini, M., Jacobus, E., Karau, M., Ananny, M., Rasmussen, J., Butler, D., Gomez, H., Wichmann, A., Mikhak, B., Dekoli, M., Boydell, O., Lewis, S., Sylvan, E., Kaynama, A., Winters, N., Biddick, K., Twomey, T., Hayes, D., Mannion, E., Foley-Fisher, Z., Cader, R., O'Hanlon, B., Doherty, H., Williams, D., Martin, K., Quinn, A. (Media Lab Europe and affiliates), 2001-2005
    • Knot Lab - topological thinking with string and a range of media, Strohecker, C. (Epistemology & Learning group, MIT Media Lab); Lee, B. S. (Cambridge troop, Boy Scouts of America); anonymous kids and teachers (Hennigan School, Boston); 1988-1991

Papers and Publications