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The Magix Series of Playful Learning Environments
rationale and demos of constructive-dialogic interactivity
Strohecker, C. (Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories)

      In this interaction design, constructions take the form of a dialog between player and system. Areas of the dynamic interface shrink and grow to reflect turn-taking as the constructing proceeds. In the two example projects, players compose graphical forms and observe effects that emerge as the forms activate and combine in a larger context.

      • CS role:
        • collaborator, producer, editor
      • Related papers:
        • 1999 - Build, launch, convene: Sketches for constructive-dialogic learning environments
          PDF 5.2MB | CITATION
        • 1997 - The "Magix" series of playful learning environments
          PDF 4.2MB | CITATION
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