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radio frequency (RF) tagged construction kit
Strohecker, C.; Boydell, O.; Jacobus, E.; Karau, M.; Donovan, B.; Gomez, H.; Wang, A. J. (Media Lab Europe / Everyday Learning)

      Potted plants and a box of soil surrounded a large projection screen in the exhibit area. Visitors could "play paleontologist" by unearthing balsa-wood bones to become part of a whimsical dinosaur. Each femur, vertebra or other bone had an RF tag that identified it so its cartoon version would appear on-screen. Bone by bone, visitors selected and arranged parts for lifelike skeletal creatures that balanced as they walked and ran.

      • CS role:
        • research group principal investigator
      • Demo:
        • AVI 58.1MB
          This video shows interactivity with a sketch-level implementation.
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