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map with a "sense of time"
Donovan, B.; Lewis, S.; Strohecker, C. (Media Lab Europe / Everyday Learning)

      A steadily shrinking area of a city map shows where you can walk as time ticks by. The bubble shows everywhere you could go within timing constraints that you provide. Researchers used this "travel-sensitive alarm clock" to explore ways that location-based information and ad-hoc networking could support participation in interactive stories.

      • CS role:
        • research group principal investigator
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      • Cited in:
        • Moed, A. 2004. Conversations with maps. In Else/Where Mapping, ed. Abrams, J., and Hall, P. University of Minnesota Press.
      • Provisional patent filing:
        • 2004 US - Method and apparatus for displaying time-constrained activities
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