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construction kit for experimenting with cyclic timing relationships
Strohecker, C.; Slaughter, A. H.; Horvath, M. A.; Henrikson, J.; Kwok, J. C-L.; Gonzalez, D. P.; Ait-Laoussine, N.; Witzgall, B.; Appleton, N. J. (Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories)

      You create colorful dancers and set parameters to affect their movements. Dancers breathe as they move, their body parts extending and contracting according to the rhythms you establish. As dancers approach one another, their timing parameters combine to form a cycle for a shared dance. Combined parameters also affect choreographic concerns such as leap moments and heights.

      • CS role:
        • creator, project leader
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      • Patent pending:
        • US - Method for designing characters and simulating dancing
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        • AVI 49.6MB
          This video shows interactivity with a sketch-level implementation. The rolling scanlines are an artifact of the recording, made several years ago without a scan converter. There is no sound.
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